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The beginning of so many more beginnings…

It’s a little confusing as to what I am meant to be talking about in my blog.

I have a lot to say, so much that I think about, thoughts, opinions and discussions I wish to have, the list is so endless but it has to be thought clearly and written concisely, I dont want to confuse my current and future readers.

So, in the upcoming weeks I will be talking about my position and analysis on the US elections, the current conundrum for journalists and news rooms, my thoughts on the transformation of papers, the decaying state of Russia, my love for Frasier, getting to grips with living in strange and often lonely new places and anything else that catches my eyes.

Also, I am just about to upload my currently unfinished but progressing book, see what you think of it, I don’t exactly have writer’s block but rather I am a bit weary as to whether it’s any good. After all there is no point in releasing something in to te world unless it will actually make a difference. It is a work in progress (very slow progress). Still, your thoughts are very much welcome.Don’t worry there is not too much to it as yet so it won’t be too much of a long read.

So keep tuning in for something new and ever so exciting tomorrow, maybe the next day, as I do have to prepare for my driving exam…


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Hello world!

I could not quite figure out how to get rid of the welcome to wordpress opening to my blog, you would think I could at least figure that out.

Anyways, since it is past midnight and I’m ever so nicely listening to Scott Walker (for those who do not know who this is please check him out, his Classics and Collectives album is a good start), i think I may switch off for tonight and switch back on tomorrow for a good ol’ natter.



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