No secret face

My face so secret/concealed in hurt/pins stuck where no one should be/I said goodbye to this old dawn and welcomed the new night/an old song that would tear  fresh wounds.

There was a mirror image in the sky/it was my face concealing a broken eye/nothing lay behind this mask so wet/because my mask had become my face.

In the blackness of this night/I searched for gold and your lie/instead I stumbled on to a picture that speaks a flurry of words/abuse thrown at my self.

This secret face behind which lies/not my face but yours stamped with a multitude of broken dreams all singing to the same tune of a dirty bomb/splintered into lost goodbyes.

Two beats that were so in sync lost their way/one kept its promise and stayed true/the other fell for the yellow dew/and so the face became a lie/lost behind its mask/lost inside itself/clawing back to face your sky… instead it got cheated and left behind.


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  1. Excellent blog, really amusing!!!!!

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