Bloody good eggs

I am so happy,  apparently eggs have been declared healthy or if not the posterchild for healthy at least good enough to be ate more than three times a week.

I love eggs – boiled, broiled, poached, fried, on little sticks, on my chips, on my rice, looooove it. (Although not as much as I love yoghurt).

People have been limiting themselves to three eggs a week, I say people and not we simply because I eat triple that in half a month, (the other half is spent eating yoghurt).

Now new research from the university of Surrey has come to light discrediting the earlier research that chained people to only three eegs a week because of their apparent high content of saturated fats.

So, I’m prclaiming today Egg Day – go home and eat an egg, lick it, chomp in to it, slurp it, anyway you want.

Here’s a suggestion:

Huevos rancheros You could get purist about this and do it with chorizo and panache, or do it like scrambled eggs – only add thyme and adobo paste, scramble them and serve with salsa over the top


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