He laughed/She laughed

At twenty there sat a robin, perched on the string left by the tree, he twittered and snickered and said to my ear:

– Behind this bark there lies a well, a well of secret thought, a well of magic cynisism, a well so deep in thought behind this tree you think you see who you are and what you’ll be, behind this tree all you’ll see is a Well. But you won’t believe you’ve heard me say, you’ll go behind and search your gaze, staring deep into the void, thinking you’ll see and you’ll avoid. Behind this bark you’ll search for truth, for that grain of utter light that shows you the way, showing you the face. But trust me, all you’ll see is thenWell. And disregard you shall do, toss me aside and left to rue. The day you met. Me. –

With a flick of my wrist the red bounced off and sank deep into the trenches of the snowy tree and clicked my heels, turned round with a swish and rounded the chestnut tree.

Deep in the dark twenty years before I entered and saw the deepest, most sparkling of still waters.

It breathed, I heard it exhale a simple gesture of regard, the moss under my knees as I sank down and waited to see the answer on its cool stone speaking to me.

I waited.

At twenty there sat a Robin and it spoke to me the same lullaby of twenty before and twenty after.

For a Well holds no answers…just a deep rhythmic hypnosis, keeping me captive to the tune of the Robin and the vision of anticipated premonition.

I never laugh anymore.


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